Thursday, 15 September 2011


The Phra Buddha Bharameedharm Chamruslok Temple was really an hidden gem of both Malaysia and Kelanthan.The statue present here is the most biggest one, with golden lips in the whole South East Asia which is located 1km away from the place called Kota Bahru,the capital of Islamic state of Kelantan.

It is very hard and shocking to believe that, in the same city of kelantan there are 3 amazing and beautiful Buddhist temples. There are also some temples like Sitting Buddha at Phra Buddha Bharameedharm Chamruslok Temple and the Sleeping Buddha at Wat Polithivan. The Phra Buddha Bharameedharm Chamruslok Temple is near Tumpat and is very near to Sleeping Buddha at Polithivan. The actual meaning of Phra Buddha Bharameedharm Chamruslok is “Light of the Buddha’s Dhamma Enlightens the World”, and it is been granted by King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand on July 7, 1993.

While you are in drive, you can’t miss that statue which is sitting tall with 30 meters height, 22meters height on a lotus base of 47.5 meters.

Surprisingly, there is no much data or knowledge about this temple. Nevertheless if we see and notice the Buddha statue carefully, the lips are actually gold in colour. I was told that it is made of gold or gold plated by a local person in Kelantan.

It is very surprising to know that there are many temples of Buddha and there is a great availability of Chinese food though kelantan is an Islamic state. The best to way to travel to kelantan is through plane.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Florida Magic Villas

Magic in the air is something we all would love to experience in our life more often. Most of us experience it during our great moments when we are hanging out with friends, holidaying or during our vacations. Vacations are a blessing in disguise as they provide us an opportunity to escape from our daily chores and relax ourselves. Choosing a vacation spot can be a little bit of trouble there are a number of favored destinations like California, Hawaii and Florida etc. You can choose one of these or any other amazing destination.

By chance if you have picked up Florida as your destination then you must check out some of the amazing Florida villas over there. The place you stay in can make your vacation better or worse, so its better you spend some extra bucks for a quality accommodation. One such amazing Florida villa is the Florida-Magic-Villas. This is one of the luxurious Florida villas which all would love to stay on. This villa can accommodate up to 12 people and has a number of facilities that all villas usually provide like Games Room, Big Screen TV, DVD / Movie library, internet, Security Alarm system, Stroller / Pushchair etc. What make this villa magical are its added facilities and its interiors. The interiors are just magical with each room giving you a different experience. You also will have a 24 hour manned guard gate which even many 5 star hotels fail to promise. The special features are Fabulous Lagoon Style Pool and water slide Spa, Floodlit Volleyball/Tennis/Basketball courts. Putting Green, State of the art Movie Theatre with High Definition Surround Sound, Fitness room, Convenience store, the villa is situated near to Disney and other theme parks. Travelling to Florida? Give this villa a try.

Brazil Samba Magic-A Must Visit Place

The yellow jerseys of Brazil have dominated the football world for quite some time and the samba music is popular during all parties in Brazil. This place would be a delight to visit for travelers with their chance to brace arms with the idols of football like Pele, Ronaldo etc. More than that Brazil has a lot to offer to the tourists with its amazing locations it’s truly a world of samba magic. The two most popular destinations in Brazil are Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Rio De Janeiro is the cultural hub of Brazil. There are a lot of theatres, museums, galleries etc over here. This is a must visit place for those who are found of art and history, the place acts as a preserver of ancient arts be it the baroque art in churches or the deco art.

Sao Paulo is a place more suited to the urban trend it’s a great city with a lot of activity you would bump into the cover girls of leading magazines over here. It’s a place more trendy having fashion weeks, ramp walk, models and a lot of fun. So if you wish to feel the samba magic you got to try these two places at the least. There are other places too in Brazil like Natal, Fortaleza and Curitiba etc. Try checking out them too. Book for your tour one of the most comfortable vacation rentals in Brazil, there are a number of  holiday rentals to choose from.

A Move To Kenyir.......


Kenyir Lake is also called as Tasik Kanyir located approximately 55 km from Kuaia Terengganu, the Kenyir Lake is reputed to be one of the largest and most fascinating man-made lake in the world. Covering an area of 369 sq km, it is also Malaysia’s largest rock-filled hydroelectric dam. When the area was inundated by water, most of the hills were above the water level, thus creating about 340 man-made islands. Surrounded by a lush tropical jungle, the Kenyir Lake is a popular and ideal retreat for nature lovers, anglers, photo enthusiasts and fun seekers.

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  • swimming
  • canoeing
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  • jungle trekking